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  • The House of Representatives, which is also known as the Lower House, is one of the two Houses of Jamaica's Parliament. It is made up of 63 elected individuals who are called Members of Parliament (MPs).

  • The Constitution gives these MPs the power to make laws for peace, order and good governance of Jamaica. They have broad oversight functions and are therefore empowered to establish committees from its members to scrutinize bills, the spending and performance of public institutions, as well as the conduct of public officials.

  • The 63 MPs act as a bridge between the community and the Government by ensuring that the needs and concerns of their constituents are heard and addressed in the Parliament.

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What is the MP Tracker

Who is my Member of Parliament? What is the easiest way to contact my MP? Where can I find the Constituency Office? How did my MP use the money given to develop my constituency? How is my MP representing my interest in the Parliament?

The MP Tracker reduces the distance between yourself and your political representative. It not only answers all those questions above and more but helps you to appreciate and assess the performance of your Member of Parliament in carrying out their duties to you.

Firstname Lastname Party Constituency Portfolio
Alando Terrelonge JLP St. Catherine East Central Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport (State Minister)
Andrew Holness JLP St. Andrew West Central Office of the Prime Minister & Economic Growth and Job Creation
Andrew Wheatley JLP St. Catherine South Central
Angela Brown-Burke PNP St. Andrew South Western Education and Training (Shadow Minister)
Ann-Marie Vaz JLP Portland Eastern
Audley Shaw JLP Manchester North Eastern Industry, Investment and Commerce
C. Everald Warmington JLP St. Catherine South Western Economic Growth and Job Creation (with responsibility for Works)
Christopher Tufton JLP St. Catherine West Central Health and Wellness
Daniel Lawrence JLP Westmoreland Eastern
Daryl Vaz JLP Portland Western Science, Energy and Technology
Dave Hume Brown JLP Hanover Eastern
Delroy Chuck JLP St. Andrew North Eastern Justice
Delroy Slowley JLP St. Elizabeth North Eastern
Denise Daley PNP St. Catherine Eastern Local Government and Community Development (Shadow Minister)
Desmond McKenzie JLP Kingston Western Local Government and Rural Development
Donavan Williams JLP Kingston Central
Dwight Sibblies JLP Clarendon Northern
Edmund Bartlett JLP St. James East Central Tourism
Fayval Williams JLP St. Andrew Eastern Education, Youth and Information
Fitz Jackson PNP St. Catherine Southern
Floyd Green JLP St. Elizabeth South Western Agriculture & Fisheries
Franklin Witter JLP St. Elizabeth South Eastern
G. Anthony Hylton PNP St. Andrew Western Industry, Investment and Global Logistics (Shadow Minister)
George Wright IND Westmoreland Central
Heroy Clarke JLP St. James Central
Homer Davis JLP St. James Southern Local Government and Rural Development (State Minister)
Horace Chang JLP St. James North Western National Security
Hugh Graham PNP St. Catherine North Western Commerce, Science and Technology (Shadow Minister)
James C. Hutchinson JLP St. Elizabeth North Western Transport and Mining (State Minister)
James Robertson JLP St. Thomas Western
Julian Robinson PNP St. Andrew South Eastern Finance, Planning and the Public Service (Shadow Minister)
Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn JLP St. Andrew West Rural Health and Wellness (State Minister)
Juliet Holness JLP St. Andrew East Rural
Karl Samuda JLP St. Andrew North Central Ministry of Labour and Social Security
Kerensia Morrison JLP St. Catherine North Eastern
Krystal Lee JLP St. Ann North Western
Lester Michael Henry JLP Clarendon Central
Lisa Hanna PNP St. Ann South Eastern Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (Shadow Minister)
Lothan Cousins PNP Clarendon South Western Water and Agriculture (Shadow Minister)
Marisa Dalrymple-Philibert JLP Trelawny Southern
Mark Golding PNP St. Andrew Southern Defence (Shadow Minister)
Marlene Malahoo Forte JLP St. James West Central Justice
Marsha Smith JLP St. Ann North Eastern Finance and the Public Service (State Minister)
Michelle Charles JLP St. Thomas Eastern
Mikael Phillips PNP Manchester North Western Housing, Transport and Works (Shadow Minister)
Morais Guy PNP St. Mary Central Health and Wellness (Shadow Minister)
Morland Wilson JLP Westmoreland Western
Natalie Neita PNP St. Catherine North Central
Nigel Clarke JLP St. Andrew North Western Finance and Public Service
Norman Dunn JLP St. Mary South-Eastern Industry, Investment and Commerce (State Minister)
Olivia Grange JLP St. Catherine Central Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport
Pearnel Charles, Jr. JLP Clarendon South Eastern Housing, Urban Renewal, Environment and Climate Change
Peter David Phillips PNP St. Andrew East Central
Phillip Henriques JLP Clarendon North Western
Phillip Paulwell PNP Kingston Eastern and Port Royal Mining and Energy (Shadow Minister)
Rhoda Moy-Crawford JLP Manchester Central
Robert Chin JLP Manchester Southern
Robert Miller JLP St. Catherine South Eastern
Robert Montague JLP St. Mary Western Transport and Mining
Robert Nesta Morgan JLP Clarendon North Central Education, Youth and Information (State Minister)
Tamika Davis JLP Hanover Western
Tova Hamilton JLP Trelawny Northern
Zavia Mayne JLP St. Ann South Western Labour and Social Security (State Minister)

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