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Please note that:

  1. Payment will be required at the institution, if physical copies are required
  2. Where the provision of copies in the requested format is not possible, an alternative format, as may be agreed between the parties, will be made available.


What is an Access to Information (ATI) Request?

Jamaica’s Access to Information Act, 2002 recognises citizens, as the real owners of Government documentation and grants us access to all government held documents, with a few exceptions. Access includes the right to copies of contracts, reports, emails, maps, videos etc. In order to be effective at ensuring your employees (public servants, Ministers and Parliamentarians – are doing their jobs well, you need relevant information. The Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal makes it much easier for you to make your requests.

Our brief video above explains the process and see the links below for some really useful information. When you fill out the fields on this page, the access to information officer in the Government institution that you select, will receive your query and a copy will be sent to you.


Our goal is to make it easier for you to submit your request. The responsibility to follow up with that entity is yours. However, there is an Access to Information Unit within the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), which is ready to help should you need assistance (see link to the Unit below).