Strategic Partners


Strategic Partners

We partner with...

Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica is a national organisation of private sector associations, companies and individuals working together since 1976 to promote a competitive and productive private sector.

The organisation seeks to influence national policy issues of a political, social, or economic nature. The Executive Committee, under guidance from the Council, leads this process by promoting discussions with the country’s government, political directorate and the opposition. The Organisation is also in close and constant contact with the major multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies. One of the primary mandates of the PSOJ is advocacy. The proactive participation of members, through a number of committees, impacts directly on the development of the private sector. The PSOJ continues to make meaningful representation on behalf of the private sector to ensure that its presence and strong voice are always maintained.

Areas of Emphasis

  • To promote cooperation between private sector organisations
  • To formulate and promote a macro economic policy framework which will achieve high rates of sustained economic growth
  • To formulate and promote policies for the achievement of a lawful and just society
  • To promote and influence greater transparency, efficiency and accountability in the operations of the public sector
  • To promote the practice of good corporate governance in the private sector

We work closely with...

Caribbean Policy Research Institute is a not-for-profit public policy think tank based at the University of the West Indies, dedicated to the provision of impartial, evidence-based research to inform socio-economic policy making – the first of its kind in the Caribbean. The reports produced by CaPRI have included studies on: Corruption, Improving Tax Compliance, Public Reform, Privatising Solid Waste among others. Beginniong in March 2017, CaPRI has provided a simplified analysis of the national budget to strengthen citizens’ understanding and ability to respond meaningfully.

The Jamaica Civil Society Forum (formerly Coalition) (JCSF) is an 8-year-old network of NGOs that has undertaken numerous projects in the area of advocacy and strengthening citizens’ involvement in improving national governance. JCSF’s strong track record in national policy advocacy has seen them:

  • Making several policy submissions to Parliament and other bodies, and as a result, having an input in legislation on campaign finance reform, political party registration a single anti-corruption agency; on tax reform, and the Terms Of Reference for the West Kingston Commission of Enquiry. Also noteworthy was JCSC’s influence on changes to the executive leadership and composition of the National Solid Waste Management Authority Board.
  • Raising public awareness through nationally broadcast community forums on policy and legislative reforms and on the national budget.
  • Pioneering the development and publication of comprehensive scorecards of Government’s performance.
  • Campaigning for transparency and accountability in the procurement of additional energy for Jamaica, and contributing to the first oversight body put in place to monitor the pivotal energy procurement exercise.
  • Pioneering the development and piloting of an Integrity Ambassadors programme for training students in areas of responsible citizenship and good governance.

Do Sup’m Jamaica (DSJ) is a registered, two-year-old CSO of young Christian professionals, whose mandate is “to build a dynamic movement around the values of individual and collective responsibility for the growth, development and stewardship of our nation that will result in stronger accountability in government and society”. DSJ was born out of a concern for political apathy, disinterest in public policy and civic responsibility.

The DSJ initiated Jamaica’s first civil society online accountability tracking tool – The AndrewMeter ( tracking the current administration’s campaign promises and the progress over the course of its tenure. It is also designed to solicit and engage other citizens in the monitoring process.


Funding Sources

JAMP received initial seed funding in 2019 from eight (8) private sector sponsors, namely, National Baking Company, Victoria Mutual Group, GB Group (Texaco), ICD Group, Sagicor Group, Jamaica Broilers Group of Companies, JN Bank, WISYNCO as well as a donation from the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation.

The Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal project was awarded a 36 month grant by the European Union as part of their continued commitment to the development of Jamaica and its people. Funding began in June 2019 and will run through to June 2022.


Finally, we invite members of the public to donate towards JAMP’s continued work and the continued sustainability of the effort.


JAMP wants to acknowledge and thank the nine private sector entities that generously contributed seed funding to take JAMP from concept to reality.