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JAMP’s work benefits from interns, graphic designers, photographers, animators, researchers, event supporters, donors etc. If you have any of these skillsets or interests and would like to contribute to championing this cause, please…


Information in the hands of many, is the heart of a well functioning democracy. Take ownership and SUBSCRIBE to stay informed via our quarterly updates on Jamaica's public sector accountability concerns.

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For Jamaica's development to be truly sustainable, citizens at home and in the Diaspora need to access information, understand it, and participate in the national decision-making process. We are dedicated to building a foundational comfort level about how Parliament works, the national "family" budget and our role in holding our Government to account for their decisions and actions. We'd love to share and invite you to…

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If you have a press release, open letter to the government, letter to the newspaper, a petition, a protest or any other action related to concerns being tracked by JAMP, we will help to build support for your action. We invite you to…

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