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What is the Legislative Tracker

Jamaica is governed by a democratic political system. Your politicians represent you, but what exactly are they doing in your name? Every decision taken in the Parliament affects the quality of our lives. So you should not have to be a political scientist, or legal expert to understand what goes on in the “the People’s House”.

The Legislative Tracker is a "real time" legislative bill tracking tool that allows citizens to monitor the progression of bills through the two Houses of Parliament. The Bills of focus will be those deemed to be potentially impactful on the quality of our lives, particularly those related to accountability and how we are governed. JAMP takes open data from the Parliament and re-presents it in a way that is easier to follow. This will strengthen the legislative process and enhance active citizen participation.

To bring the Parliament closer to the people it serves, it will provide direct access to share your views with parliamentarians/legislators, the Minister responsible for the Bill and other citizens through various social media platforms.

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