Constitution (Amendment) (Impeachment)

The status of this Proposed Legislation has not changed in the last 10 years, 0 months, and 1 days.


Impeachment is the process by which a legislative body (for e.g. a Parliament) formally levels charges against a high official of government. Impeachment does not automatically mean removal from office. It is the beginning of the process of laying a charge against a public official for a serious offence in connection with their job.

This Act would allow citizens to have a say in the removal of a Parliamentarian from his/her job due to loss of public confidence in that public official.

Since in 1990, successive Jamaican governments have committed to establishing a fair and democratic process for the impeachment of public officials who commit wrongdoing. In 2011, a law to create an impeachment process was tabled in Parliament, but it has never been placed on Parliament’s agenda. This law, the Constitution (Amendment) (Impeachment) Bill (2011), provides for the impeachment of Members of Parliament (MPs) and Senators who commit wrongdoing (as defined by the Bill).

The Prime Minister of Jamaica, committed to re-tabling this bill within the first 100 days of his assuming power as leader of the Government.

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Introduced: 05/31/1995

First Tabled: 04/22/2011

Status: Dormant



  • INTRODUCED 05/31/1995

    2011: Constitution (Amendment) (Impeachment) Bill was tabled in the House of Representatives.

    1995 May: A Joint Select Committee of Parliament proposed that the Parliament proceed to establish an Impeachment Law.

    1993 August: A Constitutional Commission of Jamaica recommended that Parliament establish impeachment procedures for parliamentarians.


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judith wedderburn
judith wedderburn
1 year ago

JAMP Methodology “JAMP Score” What does this mean? Important inclusion, clarify how scores are arrived at and identifies relevant laws (e.g. those guiding work of a Commission), that help to calculate a score. Clear, easy to follow, also helps to ensure JAMP’s objectivity.

judith wedderburn
judith wedderburn
1 year ago

How a Bill becomes law? 6 steps shown with use of animated graphics, clear, lively, understandable.

judith wedderburn
judith wedderburn
1 year ago

Re Constitution (Amendment) (Impeachment) – access to relevant bill, explanation of timeline, notes guiding Bill help to demonstrate process, how long it takes or is taking, the public can then raise questions of why is this taking so long

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