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The Account A Meter is an accountability tool. It highlights and tracks breaches of Government policy and regulations.

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mp tracker

Mp Tracker

The MP Tracker helps citizens to monitor the performance of and provide easy access to our Parliamentarians.

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legislative tracker

Legislative Tracker

The Legislative Tracker monitors the passage of key legislation in the Parliament, educating the citizen about the process.

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JAMP is a non-partisan, not-for-profit company dedicating itself to improved governance in Jamaica.

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Tune in 7:30am to LOVE 101 FM's Morning Watch for a discussion with JAMP's Executive Director @jayceejm on the Integrity Commission formal request for the removal of the "gag clause" from Section 53.3 and JAMP's encounter with two gag clauses not just one (56.1).

While the Parliamentary Integrity Commission Oversight Commission discussed the additional info that the Commission wants to add to their annual asset declaration form, JAMP @thePSOJ @EUinJamaica & @idb partnered to explain the process here https://bit.ly/310xurF @jayceejm

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