Budget Tracker

Jamaica’s National Budget is the FAMILY BUDGET

YOU ARE a member of the Jamaican Family. The more you understand how the Parliament and Government provides for the Family, the easier it is to get involved. The more involved you are, is the more effectively you can monitor the work of those you employ – public servants, government officials, Ministers of Government and Parliamentarians.

A good place to start is understanding where our money comes from and where it goes. JAMP designed this Budget Tracker to give ourselves and fellow citizens, understandable and useful information to help us all play a more effective role in citizen oversight.

Useful Resources

Explanatory Videos

Ministry of Finance

Current Expenditure (Excel | PDF)

Current Revenue (Excel | PDF)

Previous Expenditure (Excel | PDF)

Previous Revenue (Excel | PDF)

The Four Stages of
Jamaica’s Budget Cycle

How to Access Government
Information using the ATI Law

How Parliaments Works to Hold
Government to Account