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What is the Public Body Tracker?

Strengthening accountability must include assessing the commitments our Government makes, against actual delivery, especially those for which our taxes have been allocated and approved by the Parliament to ensure we receive the benefits. At the end of the annual budget debate process, Ministers are expected to give account for the work achieved under their different portfolios, as well as outline their plans for the coming financial year. All the commitments on this Tracker were made by each Minister and documented in a report tabled in the Parliament. To determine the status of each commitment JAMP uses the power given to citizens to obtain information from the Government through the Access to Information Act.

JAMP does not assess the Government's progress. We rely solely on the responses to our queries that each Ministry provides.

We invite you to explore our findings using the Sectoral Commitment Tracker and to discuss the findings with friends, family, citizen's associations, service club, church groups, co-workers and your Member of Parliament. Remember, he or she is your political representative and is able to RE-present your concerns about the performance of any Ministry in the Parliament, to get answers on your behalf. Let's ensure we receive real value from our taxes - Make Accountability Work For Us!

5 Public Bodies that are being tracked.