RADA – Poor management of Farm Road Rehabilitation Programme

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Auditor General's Findings

In 2015, the Rural Agricultural Development Authority became the implementing agency for the Farm Road Rehabilitation Programme (FRRP). According to the Auditor General’s Performance Report on the RADA’s Management of Farm Roads (October 2019).

RADA could not readily distinguish between farm roads and the parochial roads managed by municipal corporations. Given that the farm road rehabilitation programme is extended to surrounding communities comprising parochial roads, we expected that RADA would have established criteria to distinguish farm roads from parochial roads to prevent overlap with municipal corporations.

Despite 5 years of responsibility for the programme and despite developing a priority list for rehabilitation, RADA could not identify which of the criteria the roads on the list satisfied, and we were unable to determine whether the stated criteria were utilised in determining the works projects; raising doubts regarding the transparency of the selection process.

Permanent Secretary (current): Dermon Spence

Permanent Secretary (at breach):

Breach Category: Project Management

Breach Type: Inadequate Project Monitoring

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Status: Lagging

Year Reported: 2019

Last Assessed: July 27, 2020

Year Resolved:


There is need for an effective inventory and data management system that can also be relied on for planning and budgeting activities, as well as link RADA’s core functions to its objective to improve agricultural production and rural development.


JAMP is awaiting the Agency’s response to its Access to Information request.

Permanent Secretary Dermon Spence 4 St. Lucia Avenue, 
Kingston 5
Hon Audley Shaw CD, MP 4 St. Lucia Avenue, 
Kingston 5
(187) 696-87116 View profile in MP Tracker
Chairman Rural Agricultural Development Authority Nigel Myrie Hope Gardens 
Kingston 6
(876) 977-1158

No Calls To Action are currently associated with this breach.

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