JCF – $2.2 Billion worth of contracts procured without competitive tender (2013/14 to 2017/18)

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Auditor General's Findings

According to the Auditor General’s Performance Report on the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s procurement management, for the five-year period, 2013-14 to 2017-18, JCF used emergency contracting and direct contracting methodologies, for $1.8 billion (81 per cent) of contracts valuing $2.2 billion, to provide meals for detainees, clothing and uniforms for police officers and repairs and maintenance to facilities.

  1. The purchase of uniforms is the second single largest expenditure area under goods and services over the five-year period. Due to poor planning, JCF made multiple purchases of uniform material and entered into contracts for the manufacture of uniforms, utilising the emergency and direct contracting methodologies for $623.4 million or 61 per cent of transactions, depriving itself of the ability to obtain uniforms at best available price.
  2. Method of selecting caterers of meals for detainees held in police lockups was not subject to annual review as the JCF continually used the same caterers for years and there was no evidence of contracts for seven caterers. JCF spent $1.4 billion for food and drink over the five-year period, with the greater portion, $828 million (59 per cent) spent on meals to feed detainees held in police lockups. In many instances, the annual sums paid out to the catering companies exceeded the threshold, which would require the use of competitive bidding.
  3. For maintenance of police vehicles the JCF did not demonstrate that its maintenance and repair activities were cost effective given that it often conducted these activities on an unplanned basis using direct and emergency procurement methods. JCF spent a total of $842 million to conduct repairs and maintenance of facilities, during the period 2013-14 to 2017-18. However, expenditure was mainly incurred to conduct unplanned corrective works. Of a sample of 165 contracts valuing $349.7 million, JCF awarded 161 contracts (92 per cent) valuing $320 million through the emergency and direct contracting procurement methodologies.

Permanent Secretary (current): Dianne McIntosh

Permanent Secretary (at breach):

Breach Category: Procurement & Contract Management

Breach Type: Noncompliance with Procurement Guidelines

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Year Reported: 2019

Last Assessed:

Year Resolved:


Given JCF’s frequent use of emergency and direct contracting methodologies to procure goods and services, a significant number of high value transactions did not meet the important principles of transparency, competition and fairness. These are good practices in procurement, which create value.

JCF neither provided the confidence nor evidence it acted with the intention to receive the most economical outcome.


There is no JAMP update as yet

Permanent Secretary Ms Dianne McIntosh NCB Towers (North Tower), 
2 Oxford Road, 
Kingston 5, Jamaica
Dr., The Hon. Horace Chang MP NCB Towers (North Tower), 
2 Oxford Road, 
Kingston 5, Jamaica
(876) 906-4908 View profile in MP Tracker
Commissioner of Police Jamaica Constabulary Force Major Antony Anderson 101-105 Old Hope Rd, 
Kingston 6

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