MTM – 20 Computers valued $1.9M purchased yet missing from Island Traffic Authority

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Auditor General's Findings

The Auditor General’s Report for FY 2018/19, stated that the Ministry of Transport and Mining did not have an effective system of control over the management of fixed assets as required by the relevant guidelines. The AUGD was unable to verify the existence of twenty (20) computers costing approximately $1.9 million, which were purchased by the Ministry for the Island Traffic Authority (ITA).

Despite repeated requests, they were not presented for examination. Additionally, there was no evidence that the ITA had received these computers.

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Permanent Secretary (current): Alwin Hales

Breach Category: Resource Management

Permanent Secretary (at breach): Alwin Hales

Breach Type: Unrecorded Assets

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C. D.
C. D.
2 years ago

Hello. I do not see the link to the scanned document. Was the scan received or was the scan just a suggestion?

C. D.
C. D.
2 years ago
Reply to  C. D.

Hello again. I am now seeing the link. Thanks for fixing it and sharing the scan. If reported discrepancies are not followed up on, they will just happen again and no one will be penalized. Commendations to the JAMP team for the vital work in tracking discrepancies in the Government and for developing this website. Keep up the good work with God’s help.

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