Pharmacy Council of Jamaica – Unreconciled Bank Accounts

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Auditor General's Findings

The 2016/2017 Annual Auditor General’s Report Section 3.2.206 revealed that, up to September 2017, the Fees Bank Account was not properly reconciled by the Pharmacy Council of Jamaica.

The Auditor General noted that a reconciling item, moved from $855,329.15 in financial year 2008/2009 to $2.24 million in the current period. Moreover, the bank balance was not reconciled to the General Ledger balance and the reconciliation presented bore no evidence of independent reviews.

The report indicated that the reconciling item represents a potential loss which should be investigated to have it resolved.

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Permanent Secretary (current): Dunstan Bryan

Breach Category: Resource Management

Permanent Secretary (at breach):

Breach Type: Unreconciled Bank Accounts

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