What We Do

The Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal

JAMP will empower citizens. It will:-

  • provide online, up-to-date reports on the level of compliance of government Ministries, Departments and Agencies that have been audited by the Auditor Gen.’s Department and/or investigated by other ‘watchdog’ agencies.
  • Educate on how government works and the policies, Laws and structures aimed at achieving accountability. This knowledge will improve the citizenry’s capacity to more confidently monitor and advocate for effective management of public finances and other resources.
  • Research the incidence of waste and other abuses of the public purse, raise public awareness and, with concerned citizens/groups exert pressure on policy makers for increased accountability.
  • Keep watchdog/oversight agencies and bodies regularly informed of JAMP research findings. Such bodies and agencies include Parliaments Public Accounts Committee, and Public Administration and Appropriations Committee; Auditor General’s Department, Integrity Commission, Major Organised Anti-Corruption Agency etc.
  • Track and rate the performance of elected representatives based on such factors as attendance at Parliament and its Committees, transparency in their management and use of the Constituency Development Fund among others.
  • Make it easy for Jamaicans at home and abroad to access public officers to express ideas and concerns.

Note: These are the primary, not the only strategies being employed