What is public accountability?

What is public accountability?

by LeadAccountant

It lies at the very heart of proper governance. It is the obligation of public agencies and enterprises who have been trusted with public resources, to answer for the financial and social responsibilities that have been assigned to them.

The act of holding someone accountable can be divided into two. ‘Calling to account’ occurs first and that involves the public official providing an explanation of what has been done or not done, and why. ‘Holding to account’

Public sector accountability is not led by any one agency but a range of entities, agencies, and institutions. Here in Jamaica those include but is not limited to:- the Auditor General’s Department, the National Integrity Commission, Independent Commission of Investigations, Major Organised Crime & Anti-Corruption, Office of the Public Defender, Parliament and its oversight sub-committees (Public Accounts Committee and the Public Administrative and Appropriations Committee) Permanent Secretaries, Board of Directors, Financial Secretary and civil society groups (Jamaicans for Justice, National Integrity Action, Jamaica Environmental Trust etc.

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