MEGJC – No meetings held by the Audit Committee for the entire financial year.

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Auditor General's Findings

Despite being the subject of the Compliance Audit Report for the period FY2014/15, the Audit Committee of the MEGJC continues to be non-functional as no meetings were held for the financial year 2016/2017. Therefore, we were unable to determine the extent of independent oversight of the work of the Internal Audit Unit to ensure the scope and audit approach are relevant to monitor the MEGJC’s systems of internal controls.

Further, we saw no evidence that the Chief Internal Auditor submitted written reports to the Accounting Officer, and only one quarterly report was submitted to the Financial Secretary.

Permanent Secretary (current): Audrey Sewell

Permanent Secretary (at breach):

Breach Category: Governance

Breach Type: Non-functional Board Subcommittees

  • Breach Details
  • Articles & Reports
  • Accountable Officers
  • Calls To Action

Status: Progressing

Year Reported: 2017

Last Assessed: May 2, 2018

Year Resolved: 2018


The Ministry should implement proper systems of controls over its assets to ensure compliance with the Ministry of Finance’s guidelines and recover any loss arising from officer(s) negligence.


MEGJC Response: The Ministry in its current formation did not exist prior to March 7, 2016.
It provided JAMP with copies of transmittal emails forwarding audit reports to the Ministry of Finance for: December 28, 2017, November 1, 2017, November 2, 2017, March 23, 2018 and April 30, 2018.

Permanent Secretary Audrey Sewell CD, JP Office of the Prime Minister,
1 Devon Road,
Kingston 10,
The Most Hon. Andrew Holness ON, MP Office of the Prime Minister,
1 Devon Road,
Kingston 10,
(876) 927-9941 View profile in MP Tracker

No Calls To Action are currently associated with this breach.

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