E-Learning Jamaica Ltd

E-learning Jamaica Company Ltd. (E-Ljam) was established as an Agency under the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining. E-Ljam manages two major projects namely the E-Learning High School Project and the Tablet in School Project. These projects represent special interventions of the Government of Jamaica in partnership with the Ministry of Education and other stakeholders to improve the quality of education through
information and communication technologies.

The E-Learning Project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, targets students at the secondary level with applications and processes of an electronic nature geared towards the improvement of performance at the CXC/CSEC examinations.

E-Ljam’s mandate speaks to (1) implementing e-learning projects in collaboration with Govt Ministries, Departments and Agencies, (2) promoting the integration and infusion of technology in the education system and (3) to act as the implementation arm for approved interventions funded through the Universal Service Fund.