August 2019

Promoting the work of supreme audit institutions

Over the past few months I have been in conversation with Jeanette Calder, the executive director of the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal (JAMP) and who are interested in promoting citizen engagement and accountability within the Jamaican government.  I hold a similar position at the Public Service Accountability Monitor (PSAM) which is a South African based organization established in 1999 that promotes accountability in the affairs of …

The “Bly” Mentality vs. a Culture of Accountability in Jamaica

Corruption in Jamaica is akin to stage 4 metastatic cancer. It is widespread, consuming and rotting away the body politic. The situation is dire. Transparency International, United States Department of State, and Jamaica National Integrity Alliance (NIA) as well as a plethora of scholarly studies concede that Jamaica may be at a tipping point where …

Technology for the Public Good

At Ciudadanía Inteligente we are pleased to see Jamaica embrace additional social accountability through the citizen-based initiative JAMP, a citizen initiative using technology to champion change via social accountability. Ciudadanía Inteligente was born in 2009 as a project in Chile: Vota Inteligente (Vote Smart), a project that promotes electoral participation through technology. The project developed into an organisation that seeks to strengthen Latin American democracies in the …


Send your letter to to your MP calling for his or her CONCRETE ACTIONS to improve their monitoring of public funds.

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